You (Teen Daze Rework)

Teen Daze

I first discovered Nils' music last year, when he performed a series of shows in New York City. I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to attend the events, but thanks to the (sometimes) incredible, social-media-fuelled world we live in, I was able to experience the set through emphatic tweets and 7 second clips of beauty. To experience an artist's greatness through only word of mouth is an incredible thing in this day and age, and I feel honoured to have had that experience with Nils.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of playing at Decibel Fest in Seattle, an event that Nils was playing at as well. Once again, time was not on my side, and we had to the leave the city before I was able to see him play. But in preparation for my potential experience with his set, I began to dig into his discography. The sparse, minimal beauty of his piano works (The Bells/Screws), his other-worldly synth/ambient experiments (Felt/Juno) and of course, his upcoming live opus Spaces. I fell into his work immediately.

I had discovered the Screws (Reworked) project a few months ago, and if it weren't for the hectic six week tour that I just finished, I would have done this rework when I first came upon the site. But alas, here we are. This is my rework of You, the first track of Screws, and one of my favourite pieces of Nils'.

This remix consists of samples of the original piano, both pitched up and down, sampling of individual notes that were then replayed in order to create harmonies, drum sounds, samples from a Roland SH101 VST and a female choir patch from within Reason. Of course, much of it bathed in reverb and processed through a space echo.

My thanks to Nils: For the deep well of beautiful music to experience, and of course for the opportunity to get to rework an already beautiful piece of music. I hope you enjoy my rework, and I look forward to the day when I can see you perform, and maybe even shake your hand and say 'Thank you' in person. All the best.