For You

Maria Coma

Last Tuesday I wanted to stop making my music for a day and try to play “You” with the Cristal Baschet, with my mostly pianist hands. Coming back from Berlin a few days ago, I was spending a lot of time playing the Cristal making arrangements for my new music, totally in love with this instrument!

This song is just perfect as it is in the original version, but it has been a great pleasure to record my cover version “For You” while I was learning to play this great instrument.

It’s my first recording with a Cristal Baschet, a very homish one (!), and maybe I didn’t get the greatest sound. I tried to do the best I can with what I have! I want to give this track today, since it’s my birthday. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you for the inspiring music Nils,

Also feeling grateful to my friends and colleagues from Baschet Worshop in Barcelona for the Cristal; an original one made by François Baschet with the steel made by Martí Ruids.

For You,