Below you

Fiona Sally Miller

Above and below: You was blasted across the water from an amplifier strapped to a small dinghy. The sound was then captured from a boat not far away via a homemade string telephone...the sound carried via the telephone was recorded using a hydrophone.

The ebb and flow of the sound of the piano was created by the push and pull of the dinghy as it sits in the water and tightens the string telephone, revealing the sound as it moves. You was simultaneously filmed underwater and the 'remix' that I have created is a blend of the two sound sources.

You is my favourite of all of Nils Frahm's work, there is something in the stillness of this song that stops me in my tracks even after a year's worth of listening.

The story behind the whole album is such an incredible testament to the possibilities of making and creating, in spite of whatever obstructs ones path.

Listen out for the barking dog and bleating horn from a neighbouring sailboat, somewhere out in the channel. It's amazing what you can hear under there!