Nil by Mouth (Si Rework)

Luke Jaaniste

I'm really in awe of how Nils recent music combines a range of musical approaches into one intimate and captivating style: classical piano technique with its melodies, chords and arpeggios, haunting electronica, raw beats, minimalist textures and soulful harmonic riffs. And at the other end of his musical spectrum sites the SCREWS miniatures: simple, clear, plaintive.

All these flavours have been swirling around in my thoughts and feelings as I reworked SI. I've so enjoyed screwing with Nil's music! And so pleased I could finish and upload it on Nil's birthday - happy celebrations.

For those interested in the compositional side of things, I first isolated every chord of SI, and placed them on the beat (a kind of manual quantising of the rubato found in Nils' playing). A pulse was then created from echoing these chords. You'll hear I left all the clunking and pinging sounds from the clipping of the samples, because I like how it almost sounded like a shadowy digital percussion layer. To this reworked piano layer, I brought in some accompanying electronica, slowly building to point of dissemination of the SI chords.

Thank you for letting us play with your playing, Nils.