Count Nine Sheep to Fall Asleep

katie gately

Process (as part of Disquiet Junto 055)

Inspired by Nils' 9 fingers...and wanting to celebrate that number...I limited myself to the timecode of "Do" and "Re" which fell into multiples of nine. (0:09 - 0:10 seconds, 0:18 - 0:19 seconds, 0:27-0-28 seconds etc...)

Then I decided to make a sort of lullabye hoping that Nils can sleep better these days after such a scary bed trauma.

At first I de-noised everything with iZotope but then erased that decision - the hiss was too interesting.

Many of the samples I limited myself to were actually all-hiss, little spaces between the music. I leaned into the noise and tried to create a wash with it. Then I sampled only two real notes and played with them to make a very simple melody pitching up and down as needed. In the background, I have string-like sounds which are those notes as well, I just tweaked their formants and time-stretched/re-pitched them in Melodyne. And the kick/boom sound is from the piano pedal thump in one of the samples.

Beautiful playing, and an honor to sample.

My artist pic features my piano mallet necklace which I have worn everyday for 5 years ever since I found 3 piano mallets in a garbage can awaiting rescue.