We Are All Astronauts Vision Rework

We Are All Astronauts


Nils Frahm is a big inspiration to us, we love his style of recording (and performing) and the intimacy it brings. We decided to rework the beautiful little piano monologue that is Mi as part of his Screws remix project. For this one, we didn’t want to change the piano itself, but give it a new context. Usually we'd leave the listener to interpret the music but it is probably good to explain the vision for the rework in this case, seeing as it was so clear to us from the beginning.

Someone is in a pristine but old-fashioned living room and they go over to put the Nils Frahm record on. They sink into a red leather armchair and close their eyes. The viewer floats up from their point of view to see the room from above and then out into the gardens surrounding the building, which is modern and belies the interior. The view keeps panning out with more and more angular buildings of dark metal in the field of view. The blackness of sky speckled with stars can be seen in the distance, and as we move out further and further we then pass through a membrane that makes it clear that this is a huge city floating in space. We keep panning out to show the planet far below and the sun casting a reddish light onto the side of the huge ship. Finally, the person opens their eyes and we're back in the room with them as the Nils Frahm piano ends.

We hope you enjoy it and feel a little bit of escapism and grandeur :)