Mi Reflected

Ingrid Plum


I love the way Nils uses the sustain pedal and allows the mechanism of the piano to be heard in this track, so I took that as my starting point. It was my last day with access to university studios before finishing, so I decided to follow Alvin Lucier's example in 'I am sitting in a room', using the piano instead of a room.
I set up 2 Neumann 183 microphones to capture the sound of a Yamaha C6 grand piano with the sustain pedal weighted to form a reverb unit. I played the track on speakers aimed at the piano, and recorded this with the reverb from the piano. I repeated this with each new recording and the layers of reverb added obscured the notes played in the original. After 15 repetitions I ended up with this, which I have played with a little so that the feedback from the higher harmonics is comfortable to listen to. Thanks for letting me play with this, it was the perfect last day project.