SPR Rework

Shawn P. Russell


By chance, I actually discovered Nils' music through the SCREWS Rework site, and I'm very glad I did.

Listening through the album, 'Me' just spoke to me, so I decided to remix it. I began with more radical ideas in terms of rearranging and altering the piece, but the melody and harmony were so beautiful and delicate, I instead decided to try to amplify the feelings that the piece stirred inside of me, leaving the piano part essentially unaltered.

I edited the piano part to fit a steady tempo, and then went about using the original file to produce all sorts of organic variations and effects. I then imposed some structure on the piece with synths, sound design and a touch of solo cello.

Thank you Nils for generously offering up your work for interpretation. Hopefully some people find a bit of enjoyment in my rework.