Nils Frahm - Me (Obscuresounds Rework)


This track was reworked over a hectic weekend in my studio a few weeks ago. I'm a big fan of Nils Frahm’s music, and simply wanted to create my own twist as a humble contribution to his Screws project. Looking back, I had such a fun time creating 'Me', but sadly I also wish I had more time to add further production and instrumentation, alas this was about as far as I got after 13 hours of work.

Production wise I tried to keep things simple - The piano goes through the RE501 much like Nils Frahm’s technique, but I added further ‘colours’ with Dynacord digital echo’s on the synth arpeggio (ESQ-1). I’ve also tucked in some MS-20 (white noise). The whole process was recorded in layers of live recordings until I got this final result.

Nils, keep writing music - we need more artists like you.