ME (Mauno Meesit Rework)

Mauno Meesit

Nils is one of my favorite piano artists, so I thought I will make my interpretation of his wonderful piece "Me".

My main goal was to create a warm texture around Nils's piano using several microscopic elements and to grow into a big culmination. I also changed the song structure a bit. What I used was: acoustic guitar (with various picks, bowed, sampled), untuned piano, glockenspiel, various percussion, taurus bass and Berlin church bells :)

While I was recording the guitars in my Berlin apartment, I heard church bells behind the window. First I was distracted by the bells because I wanted to record in a very quiet room but then I started to listen and discovered that the church bells are kind of in tune with Nils's piano and even in the same rhythm. So I opened the windows and recorded the bells too! I suggest to listen to it with headphones to capture the details.