La rework for Nils Frahm

axel rigaud / le tarsier

I did this track a while ago, when Erased Tapes first asked fans to send reworks. Using the piano texture of Nils was really inspiring, because it has this old dusty tape sound that doesn't exist in commercial piano sample libraries.
I sampled really short portions of audio, mapped some of them to euclidean rhythmic patterns to give this polyrythmic aspect. I also made a pad sound out of a sustained tone.
I love Screws for its intimate quality. I easily imagine that it has been made in a flat in Berlin at 4am when the neighboors are still sleeping. The way it has been recorded plays a really big part in giving this emotional and honest aspect to the music.
I also play wind instruments and I wish I will have time to make a cover version with flute, saxophones and electronic devices.