FA (Noth Side Drive Rework)

North Side Drive


I wanted to explore the hiss that occurs throughout the EP in this rework. I think that a lot of people would think to have a hiss in a recording is a bad thing, and that is why I was fascinated to see if I could use it as a main compositional tool. I also wanted to emphasize the quietness of the EP, and did not want to use any electronics or beats. The only thing I used was the original piano line and my own piano layered on top.

The first half of the piece is Nils' original piano line chopped up and mixed around, and in the latter half my piano line joins up with his to create the harmonic base, which is in a solid 4/4 rhythm. On top of this, are two melodies which I recorded in free-time, which swirl and dance around the chords until the piece's conclusion.

It's very much inspired for evening listening when you are on your own and wanting mental or physical space.

It is a simple rework of a simple piece and it was great fun to do!