Call for submissions

Nils launches his Screws Reworked Competition which will see a select number of winners appear on the next worldwide edition of his 'SCREWS' album on vinyl and CD.

Fans can enter by submitting their reworks in the form of images, videos or audio files via the Screws Reworked site. The deadline for all submissions is September 20th 2014 – Nils’s birthday, which will mark the last date fans can submit reworks to the site.
Nils has been excited to see the Screws Reworked site grow with submissions since 2012 and is looking forward to sharing his personal favourites alongside his original works.

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'SCREWS' was the result of inspiration from my fans and friends while I recovered from an unfortunate thumb injury. I offered my fans nine recordings to download and in return you started to send me your remixes, reworks, audio and visual reinterpretations. This gave birth to the 'SCREWS reworked' project and you can now showcase your rework on this special dedicated website.

You simply submit your rework, eather images, videos or remixes and share them with the world. You can also view other artists, friends reworks, make comments and share them too.

Enjoy and thank you all for listening!
With lots of love, Nils

latest reworks

  • FA
    Vox Portent
  • RE
    Luca Mina/Aniki
  • FA
    Mart Basa
  • RE
  • SI
  • ME
    Stefano Guzzetti

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A warm hello and thank you to Hamed Molaimehr,
who inspired the titles for “SCREWS”

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si
we have two notes left:
You Me

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